This page will be updated regularly with our current and ongoing projects.


Current Dutch Bill Creek Projects:

  1. Roads Project - PWA (Pacific Watershed Associates) are repairing dirt roads to stop sediment from entering the creek, which harms salmonid spawning. The grant is through the Gold Ridge RCD.
  2. In-stream Restoration Projects - Dragonfly Construction (Doug Gore) is working on in-stream habitat structures.2
  3. Camp Meeker Dam removal and habitat restoration - Camp Meeker Recreation and Park Department
  4. Coho Recovery Project - Agency Collabrotive(Check out the teamwork!)
  5. Westminster Woods EE Program - School groups doing watershed restoration projects which include; invasive plant removal (vinca, ivy, broom,etc...), erosion control, tree plantings
  6. Water Quality Monitoring - CCWI (Community Clean water Institute and Coho recovery Program (U.C. Cooperative extension)
  7. West County Road Signs Education Project - SSRCD (Southern Sonoma RCD) and the WCWN (West County Watershed network)
  8. Occidental Watershed Education Display - Water Instittute, DBCW group and Salmon Creek Watershed Council

Sonoma County Quest Collective:

  1. Salmon Creek School Water Quest
  2. Vital Communites Quest web page

Past and ongoing projects:

  1. Fishway Project - Sometimes described as the fish ladder. EPA grant page
  2. Tyrone fish passage - GGRCD
  3. In-stream habitat restoration - Dragonfly Construction
  4. Dutch Bill Creek habitat survey - DFG
  5. Roads Assessment - GGRCD